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He-Man and Icebreakers? Two words that really shouldn’t go together.

All wildly popular song adaptations aside, He-Man can provide us some real benefits in our lives. No, we’re not talking about the benefit of the joy of watching it – although there’s no shame in catching a rerun now and then. But doing so could actually have a serious benefit on your working life – in the form of teaching you about icebreakers.

He-Man breaks all those awkward ice-breakers

Because all bowl cut and ugg boots aside, He-Man’s life provides some pretty good tips about icebreakers. His natural traits make for the perfect icebreaking candidate, and so taking some notes if you ever watch the cartoon again may be a good idea.

Be Bold

Turning into He-Man himself requires you to hold a sword in the sky and scream a catchphrase, so it’s only natural that the main message of He-Man in terms of icebreaker is being bold. The last phrase that could be used to describe He-Man is shy, and although there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert, it helps to know when you need to up the bravery and socialise – especially in an icebreaker.

He-Man is bold and will smash those icebreakers

Now, while you don’t have to go into your next icebreaker screaming and holding a sword – you’re likely to be escorted out pretty quickly if you do – being bold does help the process. Doing as much as cutting an awkward silence is all it takes, and it’ll make you feel better for doing so – as well as making the entire room grateful that you did.

Make Close Bonds Thaws Icebreakers

As shown in endless episodes of the show, He-Man’s closest friends are basically permanently ready to die for him. While this is in no small way helped by the fact that he’s, you know, a prince, there’s still a clear level of love there among his pals.

He-Man and She-Ra will ride to the sunset after their kickass icebreakers

Although making people willing to die for you is maybe a step far, learning how to bond with people is key in icebreakers. Making sure to develop ties – and maintain them – is important both in terms of gaining professional contacts, and keeping yourself sane and socialised.

Be Yourself For More Authentic Icebreakers

Rocking what on any other character would be considered perhaps an adult costume, He-Man hangs out shirtless with the level of casualness you’d expect from someone in their pjs. Despite the fact that He-Man is supposed to be Prince Adam’s secret identity, there’s very little secret about it, and you have to respect that.

No tears are shed when He-Man does a super authentic icebreaker

After all, if He-Man can live up to his mostly pacifist nature despite getting attempts on his life basically every other hour, you can wear that exciting tie, or make that unusual suggestion in the icebreaker. Unless you’re a serial killer, you only gain confidence and peace of mind by being yourself – and other people will be able to feel this, so it really is an icebreaker must.

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