Our workshops will help you level up your creativity!

Learn to think together better, learn to play together better.
We use the same methodologies as big companies to
produce innovative products but instead we use them to
help individuals and teams become more creative.

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We bring our unique, playful and always educational approach to creativity and design thinking - unleashing your creative genius.

Learn how to break down any challenge into smaller and smaller pieces until they’re bite-size.

Learn how to innovate better and remove those creative barriers.

Gain empowerment creativity with creative confidence.

Badass design thinking workshops for teams and events.

We’ll teach you techniques you can take away and repeatedly use. We believe that
innovation isn’t something that happens once and then disappears; it’s an ongoing
process. It’s a skill that can be learned and developed.

Super effective workshops to level-up your creative culture

From ideation, to prototyping, to testing and iteration, we’re here to get you there.

Learn to run with your creative urges and get in the creative flow.

Our playful workshops will teach you all the tools and techniques you need to be a more creative professional.

We help you create a design thinking culture.

Our witty play sessions will help you develop a design thinking culture by creating a playful space for your team to ideate, work together, and design a better vision for the future.s needs.

I really enjoyed it!
I hope we can do it again soon!

Everyone has the power to innovate.

Let us help you with our witty, playful, design thinking workshops!

Together, we will demystify the design thinking process and make it playful, which will help you and your team harness your creative confidence and master the tools required to innovate.

Loved it! Great to work as a team and see people naturally fall into particular roles - but also step out of their comfort zone talking about a subject they wouldn’t normally.

Book us for a bespoke playful workshop for your serious business needs.

With our workshops, you’ll learn how to harness your creative confidence and design thinking process to solve problems, even if you’ve never used it before!

Workshops for team building

Workshops for problem solving

Workshops for building creative confidence

Workshops for design thinking

Workshops for conferences and events

Workshops for team retreats

Work with one of our awesome facilitators to uncover THAT deeply hidden idea you have in your head…

We go beyond the superficial surface level and really explore the hard to access stuff that leads to real innovation.

Calling on the power of our design thinking arsenal and experience, our workshops combine games, role-playing, drawing and writing to encourage you to express the hidden ideas within your subconscious mind…

This is more than a workshop; this is an experience that will change your life…

OK, not quite, but it will be fun and educational!

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