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Your brief explained

The brief above is broken up into three parts, the task, the client and their preference.

The black task card is what the client wants.

The red client card is who the client are.

The dynamite blue card is what the client likes/doesn’t like. However sometimes they could just be tips and motivational comments to keep you going.

Your brief explained
How to tackle your brief

How to tackle
your brief

Activity: Do some research!

The best way to get to know your problem and your client is to do some research

Your task is to create .

Excercise your
creative muscles

Use your challenge as a way to train your creative muscles or as a tool to build your creative confidence.

Your challenge would also work great as design thinking practice, which is a great skill set to have.

We can go on about design thinking, but there’s an excellent video from F.H.I.L. that we recommend everyone should watch.

▷ F.H.I.L. Design Thinking - 8:41
Excercise your creative muscles

Use your (kinda) NSFW
creative challenge to

Creative Confidence
Creativity is underrated
Creative storytelling

Design thinking made
simple and fun

We help anyone struggling with innovation lag to become more abstract minded by harnessing their creative confidence and mastering their design thinking process.

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