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Not only is the laughing yellow skull of the He-Man villain known as Skeletor unmistakably metal, but is also the face of brainstorming – whether you like it or not.

Brainstorming a new plot!

With the amount of schemes, plots, and general evil shenanigans Skeletor dreams up, you know he has a pretty intense planning period. Combine that with the distinct nature of these plans, and it becomes clear what the skeleton lacks in success he makes up for in sheer brainstorming ability. But how should He-Man’s nemesis inspire us? To save you from an all-night marathon here’s three reasons Skeletor is the new king of brainstorming.

Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out

What Skeletor Shows Us About Brainstorming 2

One of the first lessons you can make from a man who gleefully wear a bright purple robe to accentuate his skull face, is that standing out isn’t a bad thing. Indeed, the main reason a lot of people remember Skeletor is because he stands out so much – both visually, and in that magnificent nasal voice.

In brainstorming, it can be a little unnerving to be the person who says outlandish or particularly unusual ideas – especially if the brainstorm is an important one. But sometimes ideas need to be unusual to work – and sometimes being the person who says them actually makes you stand out in a good way.

Go Outside the Box

Watch more than two episodes of He-Man, and you’ll notice a pronounced trend: Skeletor’s plans are always wild. Be it turning people to glass, trying to flood underground caves to kill the heroes, or just incubating dragon eggs like an evil mother bird until they can aid his schemes. If there’s one thing that Skeletor’s plans aren’t, it’s boring, and given it’s his 24/7 job, that’s pretty impressive.

Thinking outside the box will help you develop new ideas when brainstorming

And pretty inspirational, as well. Remembering to try and tread new paths in brainstorming is key to finding new and innovative solutions – and staying interested in them.  

Don’t Be Afraid of Failure

So, despite the sheer level of brainstorming talent Skeletor shows, it’s noticeable that none of his plans actually work out well. But does this stop Skeletor? Never. It’s commitment at its finest.

Curse you brainstorm!

The evil nature of his plans aside, it’s also a pretty smart idea to keep in mind with brainstorming. Inevitably, things will go wrong, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve failed – just that you’ve learnt what doesn’t work. Making your failures equally as productive as your successes is a genius move – and you get to watch a bunch of cartoons whenever you need extra inspiration.

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