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Find your beanie babies and NES, because today we’re talking about a blast from the past – the good old diary. Long gone is the days of teens keeping high school drama, however, as the diary has a more modern use now;  that of the creative diary.

A good creative diary helps with design thinking!

With the creative industry running at such a fast pace, a reliable way to store any daily developments is crucial. This is where the creative diary comes to your aid – like a little paper Braveheart. Can a stack of bound paper be better than a proud Scottish warrior, you ask? In many, many ways, the answer is an undeniable yes.


Don't get a headache brewing a brainstorm. It's fun!

The one downfall of brainstorming is that it can be a fresh hell to keep track of all the ideas you came up with. Getting to throw around ideas is a quick way to develop things fast, but it’s also a great way to forget 99% of the things you came up with.

This is where a creative diary comes in handy. Even if it’s in shorthand that looks like hieroglyphs, keeping notes will improve your recall a thousand percent. With brainstorming being such a helpful creative tool, it only makes sense that you make sure you maximise its usefulness.


Keep your designs consistent as well as your ideas

Another blessing of keeping a creative diary is that it keeps your ideas consistent. When developing different aspects of a project, having something to keep track works to streamline its development. This is because whenever you take a break, you can come back to the work with a cheat sheet on exactly what you decided on last time.

While consistency isn’t the first thing you think of when you think of successful projects, it really makes a difference. Being able to keep tabs on how your idea is developing – and how much you are putting into it – allows you to stay constant with your work. Plus, whenever you get tired of your work you can look back and see how far you’ve come. Progress is nature’s motivator, after all.


make it pop helps get your creative juices flowing with innovative ideation methods.

After hearing how creative diaries can make you the god of consistent work, it’s something of a plot twist to say it also has solely creative uses. But this plot twist – much like the secret ending of I Am Legend – is as surprising as it is logical.

Essentially, a creative diary allows you to get as wild with the creative process as your heart desires. Unlike other forms of creative development, there’s no danger of looking like an idiot – except to yourself, which most of us manage anyway. Having a space where you can go full, Rambo-levels of crazy with your ideas is a good way to boost your creativity, because the sky is the absolute limit. Not only is it a super easy way to ideate, but it also lets work be as fun or serious as you make it. Your diary, your rules!

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