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Popping colour palette

With the popularity and a distinctive style that has captured the hearts of folk of countless cultures, K-pop is a genre not to be underestimated.

Much like Arianna Grande and rap, the teen following of K-pop has put many a potential fan off – much to the sacrifice of their creativity, because there’s a lot we can think about through the lens of this new wave of girl and boy bands. Like a sweet new colour palette, I hear you ask? Exactly like that, actually.


How K-pop Can Help You Find Your Next Colour Palette 7

Given the insane amount of K-Pop bands out there, the most impressive thing is how unique these groups look. Sure, some groups have the team dress the same – but each group uses individual colours to set them apart.

Although basically every colour palette has been used by someone before, it’s always worth trying to add that individual touch to your work. Saturation and layering are dangerous, dangerous weapons – but you’re a badass of creativity, so danger is (presumably) your middle name. The worst that happens? You find a cool colour palette.


How K-pop Can Help You Find Your Next Colour Palette 8

If you’ve ever seen any K-Pop video, you know they like to get wild in the realm of colour. Bright pinks and blues, neon colours, clashing colours – all are fair game in the realm of the K-pop music video. Colour palettes that shouldn’t work are played with until they do; and by god, does it work.

While you don’t have to throw all that nice colour theory you learnt out, experimenting is key to creativity.  Nobody wants something that looks like you randomly threw neon paint on it – but everyone wants something unique. The sweet spot between the two may take a bit of experimentation – but it’s worth trying to find it.

Colour Conventions

How K-pop Can Help You Find Your Next Colour Palette 9

Now, this is an interesting one in the realm of creativity – because, in theory, it takes a little creativity out. Colours have different instinctive effects on the brain – for example, red has been proven to make people appear more confident. This is why certain bands will have the same colours used repeatedly on specific members. The idea behind this is that specific colours can make you think of characters specific ways – blue often being used for the ‘intelligent’ member, as another example. Combine these attributes with a fresh colour palette, and you’ve got a real winner on your hands.

Although it doesn’t make or break your colour palette, making sure your colour associations match your project adds that cherry on top of the work-based cake.

Starting Out

Choosing a colour palette from a K-pop music video is easier than you think. Here are some simple steps to getting an amazingly vibrant colour palette for your next project.

  1. Watch a K-pop music video
  2. Take a screenshot from the K-pop video using or something similar.
  3. Upload your screenshot to a website that’ll convert it into an awesome colour palette. Great examples are;
  4. Enjoy your new colour palette or repeat previous steps until satisfied.

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