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(Or: Stop Giving Away Diet Cokes and read these HR tips and tricks)

How to Be a HR Badass 1

Tiny cans of coke are a gift that should be saved exclusively for those Christmas coca-cola vans, and nowhere else – especially not the office. But – as a conveniently-sourced, and caffeine rich treat – the sugary drink is thrown around like an NFL football.

But this isn’t how HR has to be thought of. It’s arguably the most important job in any company – as, when done right, it makes everyone else do their jobs way better. So how do we become HR badasses?


How to Be a HR Badass 2

Comprehending key issues and strengths in your workplace is the place where HR either lives or dies painfully. Although solving complex issues is never a walk in the park, so long as you understand what they are, you never have to worry your efforts will be in vain. No two workplaces are the same – even in branches of the same company – so learning the nuance of the place is critical to resourcing humans like a total badass. Here are some HR tips and tricks from the make it pop team.


How to Be a HR Badass 3

One of the main reasons HR can be difficult is down to how easy it is to bore people. The more repetitive – and the more predictable – HR events, gifts and general structure are, the more people shy away from them. This isn’t to say you have to make personalised cheese hats to make your staff want to come to work – although it might be worth a shot – but rather try and innovate the way you work. Personalising things according to your co-workers tastes is often enough to stop things being boring – as the more people see they are being personally thought of, the more they feel they matter. And everyone deserves to feel like they matter at work – even if that involves making a brie beret for them.


Bond with your team HR Tips and Tricks

Finally, the most important of all these concepts; that of actually creating connections. Be it merely work connections – or, if you’re top tier, genuinely helping people understand each other – generating connection is vital to successful HR.

The more you can prevent having to run around making these connections between people personally, the better. Unique events – or, at least not the conventional ‘people stood around in a catered room’ – are a smart way of doing this, as well as creating events where people are sure to discuss any similar ideas or principles they may have. But even if you don’t want to run events, merely making sure to let people know what they and their colleagues have in common – be it professional, or as simple as ‘you both like that one show’ – are perfect for making stronger bonds between your team; and making you a better HR badass.

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