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Why it’s Okay to Hate Some of Your Work 9

You’ve finally finished that big project. It’s taken time, blood, sweat – and maybe tears – but it’s finally finished. And… you absolutely hate it.

We’ve all been there. The big issue with spending a lot of time on a project – or projects – is that the little issues start to feel huge, because you’ve spent every day with them. It’s easy to find problems in work – and difficult to convince yourself they don’t automatically ruin the rest of it.

That said, feeling negative about your work isn’t the death sentence some make it out to be. While you shouldn’t be weeping every time you start you peak at your portfolio, you also shouldn’t feel like it’s unusual to not always adore the things you create.

Why? Read no further.

It’s Productive

Why it’s Okay to Hate Some of Your Work 10

While there are better motivators to getting your work in tip-top condition, not being at the place you want is an effective way to get the job done. In fact, seeing an improvement in your work should – hopefully – make you feel better about it.

So long as you make sure to start to more actively pick out positive points in your work, there’s no harm in being critical of the parts that need work. Just make sure to give yourself extra credit for the good work that you do – after all, you know you’ve worked for it!

It’s Natural

Why it’s Okay to Hate Some of Your Work 11

A key part of feeling bad about your work is remembering that – unfortunate as it may be – these feelings are natural. Beating yourself up for feeling bad about your work is just as counter-productive as hating it.

While it’s easier to say ‘be kind to yourself’ than it is to actually do, it’s still important advice. Keeping in mind that you aren’t the only person who sometimes hates their work – and that some people whose work you admire sometimes feel the same – is paramount to making sure these feelings don’t feel like a permanent truth about all your work.

It’s a Stepping Stone for Creative Confidence

Why it’s Okay to Hate Some of Your Work 12

Being aware that you are down on your work is crucial to realising you need to gain some creative confidence – so although it’s not fun, it is the first step to being your own personal hype-man. Working towards self-improvement is not only good for your mental wellbeing, it’s also good for your confidence – because you know you’re at least doing better than you were.

Gaining creative confidence is complicated – so complicated we’ve made a whole manga about it – but it’s also more than worth fighting through the complexity to better yourself.

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