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4 Ways to Best Use Christmas as an Icebreaker 9

In the season where ice is most common, it’s time to break it. (ice icebreaker)
While Christmas doesn’t automatically make everyone a jolly little elf – freezing cold weather makes sure of that – it is the designated time of year to throw some cheery shenanigans at work.

But with this comes a whole host of questions, many of which have incredibly subjective answers. Want top tips on how to stop looking like Ebenezer Scrooge, and throw an icebreaker that global warming would be jealous of? Look no further.

#1- Make it Fun

kids literally icebreaking icebreaker

Okay, so this one isn’t rocket science. Much like rocket science, though, it’s easy to do wrong. Although the festive season is peak for icebreakers, that doesn’t mean any potential event should be the cookie-cutter icebreaking workshop.

There’s nothing more likely to be a natural and effective icebreaker like giving people a cheerful break in the dark winter months. Sure, it’s always worth keeping a copy of Make it Pop in the back for awkwardness emergencies, but give everyone an excuse to mingle naturally, and 99% of the time you’re on to a winner.

#2  Don’t Make it About Christmas

4 Ways to Best Use Christmas as an Icebreaker 10

Obviously, there’s a very good chance that some of your office don’t celebrate Christmas – for religious or personal reasons. But don’t fret! The point of a winter office party isn’t to celebrate a tiny holy baby – unless you’re in a pretty unusual office – but to have some merriment despite the grim weather winter is kicking out at you. So as long as you dodge calling it a Christmas shindig – or at least make it clear you won’t be doing carol karaoke – then you can easily make an event the whole team will love.

Indeed, making events that are universally comfortable for everyone to enjoy is sure to win the hearts of those who otherwise may not have been able to take part. Knowing someone went out of their way for you is a universally precious feeling – one only enhanced by free food.

#3 Make it About Your Co-Workers

4 Ways to Best Use Christmas as an Icebreaker 11

Continuing the theme of feeling included, it’s worth remembering that letting your co-workers help plan and carry out whatever event you have planned is sure to increase their interest in whatever you plan on doing. Don’t force people who don’t want to be involved – but if you know Sharon loves to bake, then asking if she fancies showing off her prowess is guaranteed to at least make her feel good.

Not only does this also cut the amount of work squarely on your shoulders, but it acts as a sort of pre-icebreaker between those helping out – which is a true win/win.

#4 Make it Memorable

4 Ways to Best Use Christmas as an Icebreaker 12

Having shared memories or experiences is one way to keep that social ice well and truly broken. Being able to look back on funny or wholesome moments together is the line between being friendly and being friends with someone, so having this built into whatever event you plan is sure to help.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to full-on cosplay Santa at the next work do – but something as simple as a strange food being present gives everyone something to talk about and share in from then on.

So get festive, get jolly, and get friendly with your co-workers –‘tis the season, and all that and maybe you can break the ice during the festivities! Creative Icebreaker’s for the win!

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