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When you think of your job, the word badass is probably the last to come to mind. The phrase ‘creative badass’ is even further behind that – as closely linked to work as ‘spelunking’, or ‘widdershins’ for most.

But that shouldn’t be the case. Taking pride in your work is important – and what’s more likely to make you feel proud than being a badass at it?

What is a Creative Badass?

Contrary to popular belief, being a creative badass doesn’t mean becoming some sort of art Batman – as dope as that would be.

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That said, it’s maybe not as far off as you’d expect. Much like an action hero, being a creative badass is about sticking to your guns and giving it your all. Okay, so in films they might be using real guns – but you’re not trying to rescue a kidnapped family member, so the guns of creativity should be a lot more helpful.

Importantly, becoming a creative badass also hones a lot of skills important for any job in the creative field. Confidence, articulation, and an ability to (willingly) step outside the box are all premium items in the creative toolkit – and you just bought the season pass.

Going Beyond What is Comfortable

Sometimes, doing all this badassery can take us a pretty decent step away from our comfort zones. Trying new things generally involves risks – and unless you’re a work-based adrenaline junky, that can often be a little spooky. Work-based fears are pretty common – which makes even better when you slam-dunk them to achieve what you want.

While we have some top tips, building creative confidence can be a very different process from person to person. This means it’s important you don’t compare yourself to others – because internally, they may totally lack this confidence.

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Making Baddasing Fun

This all said, being a creative badass may sound like a lot of work. But with confidence in your work comes an ability to make it fun in a way you maybe haven’t before.

Maybe you do this by playing around with your creative element (like making up the word badassing). Maybe you make a hilariously overdramatic powerpoint about the work you need to do. It doesn’t need to be a huge Office style prank war – just whatever puts a smile on your face.

It’s easy to think that using your skills in a non-professional capacity is a misuse of them. But it’s actually a twofold win – you get to hench up those creative muscles, and remind yourself that work can (shocker) be fun.

Not only does it help you out, but it also helps whoever you’re working for. Studies have shown that happy workers are more productive – so add those memes into that work presentation. After all, now you know it’s for the good of society.

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