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BOOK – Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
BAND – The Hives
MOVIE – Silence of the Lambs

Hey you puffy mipple you.

Hot off our super successful kickstarter campaign (thank you, you glorious beings), we’re happy to announce we’ve been doing it like they do on the Discovery channel and creating more mippets.

The core make it pop team are insanely happy to welcome Zoe to the team!

When not creating magical spells to cast on our oblivious audience, Zoe is a manufique patissiere and night time vigilante who just so happens to be 3rd highest Donkey Kong score holder, just under Billy Mitchell. She can also bench 323lbs

What this really means is Zoe loves baking, super heroes and video games. You read that last part right.

We’re all looking forward to seeing the amazing content Zoe will be creating for you guys and hope you’ll give her the steamy welcome she deserves.

Find Zoe on her social @zemiskel

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