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Rotating Roles in a Team…Should You Do It?

Rotating roles in a team…Should you do it?

We’re all about changing the status quo of things here at make it pop. We’re not ones for following the tried and tested ways of working. We wanna shake things up, rock the boat, fight the system! Are you with us!! That’s why we believe switching things up can make the world of difference. Rotating roles in a team for us is essential to build creative confidence and get those juices flowing. The creative ones that is, nothing weird here guys! So let’s take a look at why we think rotating roles is a great idea and why you should be giving it a go.

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Let’s challenge those perspective

Now we totally get that roles have their place, their like rules! They can help maintain a clear structure in a team and a business. However, just sticking with the flow and doing what your told doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be successful and can impact your design thinking. And we’ve all learnt how important design thinking is! You haven’t? Gurl where’ve you been, go read our blogs now!

Now we’re not saying to change people’s job roles every week, that would be crazy! But mixing roles up within a project every so often, asking questions to people you wouldn’t have asked before and making them look at things different can be key to success. Those changes can bring fresh energy to a project, energy thats very much needed more often than not. My undertaking a new role in a project may just help you figure out a problem you’ve been struggling with in another area of your work or even your life! We’re all about looking at things differently and challenging perspectives here!

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Yes, we know what inertia means (we think…) When you’ve been working on a project for a long time, it’s easy to stop noticing some of the problems that can come back to bite you further down the line. Your work plateaus, you become complacent and begin to hate the project you’re working on. We’ve been there one or two times! By rotating roles, a new person can see around problems you deemed too hard to tackle. They bring those shiny fresh eyes and that can-do attitude that can push your project back into the fast lane. You may feel protective of your project but if someone else’s input can help make your work a success then we’re all for team work!

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Give me that experience

When graduating university and embarking into the real world, we were full of hopes and dreams. We were wide-eyed, fresh faced and happy. And then we started applying for jobs… We can guarantee we weren’t the only ones to hear we didn’t have enough experience even though we’d slogged our guts out for three years. To challenge this, we worked on projects for free and created pet projects to help us develop the skills needed to earn that dollar!

After this, we became fully onboard with rotating roles in a team! By undertaking new work, new responsibilities and new challenges, you develop yourself in areas you’d never even thought about. Think you can’t take a photo? Try again! Think your design skills are terrible? That’s not what we’ve heard! Think your… Ok, you get the idea. All that experience develops you into a more confident creative, able to offer insight into all areas of work and who knows, you may even impress your mean old boss with your knowledge!

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Remember that creative confidence?

Creative confidence is about believing in your ability to create change in the world around you. It is knowing with certainty that you can achieve what you set out to do. Changing roles within your team can without a doubt help develop this wonderful skill. Many times designers work solo and having creative confidence in this situation allows you to know when to stop, to call it a day redesigning and stop doubting your choices. It also makes you excited to share your designs and get vital input from those around you! We can only truly learn through collaboration and communication, which is a fundamental part of rotating roles. Proving to yourself that you can do a role you are unfamiliar with will give you a wealth of confidence you can take back to your every day role.

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Step in someone else’s shoes

Rotating roles encourages stronger relationships within your team. It can give you an insight into what other’s jobs entail, what the ins and outs of their day are and what challenges they face within the role. Experiencing all of this can all you to express empathy towards them in the future. By understanding what your colleagues do every day, will help you develop a better understanding of the struggles their job entails. So next time you complain about Karen for always being too slow to get that work to you, just think, is she really being useless or can you empathise with the struggles her job entails!

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Give it a try

When deciding who should do what in your next project, think twice and then think again. Don’t just fit people into the roles they ordinarily do. Give people new experiences and allow them to surprise you with the talents they have kept hidden in their current role. Challenge the status quo. It may just surprise you!

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