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You should try this… Improving your design thinking

We’re back with our well loved ‘you should try this…’ series. Don’t pretend, we know you’re all loving it and taking inspiration from every single one. You may have seen one we posted a little while back all about design thinking, which we totally get can be quite the brain teaser! So, because we’re nice folk over here at make it pop, we thought we’d give you a little more help. So, without further ado, we present, you should try this… Improving your design thinking.

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What is design thinking

For those of you who were asleep the first time or the new knowledge just seeped out of your overworked brain, here’s a quick recap of what design thinking is. In its most basic form, design thinking is a process of creating new and innovative ideas to solve problems. While its core is rooted in creativity, it is not a mindset restricted exclusively to designers. You should think of it as being a cross-section of design, business and technology, brought together under the umbrella of design thinking to solve human problems.

You still with us? Good, let’s continue!

Design thinking is a human-centric process to understand the user, challenge assumptions and redefine problems. It revolves around a deep interest in developing an understanding of whom you’re designing for, of developing empathy for your target user.  We know that’s easier said that done but it is simply not enough to just identify the problem. To truly solve it, you need to understand why it’s a problem for your users in the first place!

We all good? Everyone understand? Great, let’s move on!

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Why is it important

You may be sitting there thinking that design thinking is just a boring methodology they teach in university that isn’t actually transferrable to real life. Well, you’re wrong! Design thinking is quite a modern concept that has emerged out of a direct for design teams to communicate in two directions. The basic of design thinking is to create a feedback loop that aims to increase the probability for success by identifying potential problems before they become too big to solve.

The design thinking process constantly reminds you to unlearn what you knew and learn anew! It is said that while design thinking will not solve the world’s problems, with the combination of thinking, doing and culture, you might just get there! And wouldn’t that be great!

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How to improve your design thinking

So now we’ve got the nitty-gritty recap over and done with, let’s get on to what we all came here for. How on earth do you improve your design thinking and put in into practice in your everyday life!

Well, for starters, mix things up! Design thinking works best when people from a range of backgrounds and disciplines work together. They will bring different expertise and perspective to the problem which will create more successful solutions. Don’t be stuck in your traditions ways of working or you’ll have a big problem on your hands in no time, trust us!

You know that little kid who always asks why after every single sentence? Yeah, do that! Constant and relentless questioning, like those that come from a child challenging the world, will help you get to the route of your issues. Why? What? Why? Where? Why When? Why? You get the idea. Ask questions challenges your assumptions, you’ll avoid settling for obvious solutions and are more likely to discover what really matters to your audience, and ultimately, to your business.

The sky’s your limit so dream big! Don’t limit yourself during the design thinking process, throw all your ideas into the ring and see which one comes out fighting strongest. They may seem beyond simple but quick first-round ideas and brainstorming can be of great benefit to you! They open your mind up, allow you to think freely and communicate with your team. One seemingly stupid idea can often spark the imagination of someone else, giving them the light bulb moment and clarity to solve to issue at hand.

improving your design thinking

make it pop’s top tips

Don’t expect perfection first time, we’ve learnt this a lot over the past 9 months. The quickest way to achieve perfection is to ask for feedback from your target audience! Let them see your product, use it, play with it, then let them hit you with some quick fire questions. If you can’t answer the questions in a few clear sentences then you’re probably not there yet. We have done this a lot with make it pop, and we mean a lot! We’ve gone back to the drawing board more time than we can count but it’s been worthwhile because we do not have a product that is right for our audience, the market and for us as designers and creatives.

One final thing that is totally worth improving upon is your emotional intelligence. When designing, our emotions take lead and it can be easy for the emotions of our audience to, unintentionally, take a back seat. This is where applying emotional intelligence to your design thinking is key! By being aware of the feelings of others, we are able to focus on their needs and design with success. Always remember to be a human first and a designer second!

All of us here have been on a steep design thinking journey but it’s totally been worth it! Especially with this kick-ass product we having coming to you all very soon. Keep your eye’s peeled to our Instagram in the next coming week because we have some huge news coming!! You won’t want to miss it, it’s a corker!

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