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You should try this… working on a pet project

As designers and creatives, we’re hardwired to help others achieve their goals. We jump through their hoops, stick to their timescales and create work that will greatly benefit them. We undoubtedly work in an exciting, ever-changing industry but if we’re being honest, it would be nice to have more control once in a while. That’s one of the reasons we created make it pop! So, continuing in our series lets explore you should try this…working on a pet project.

You Should Try This... Working on a Pet Project 2

All about that self-improvement

We’ve spoken about it before and we’re going to speak about it again shortly. Creative confidence is a must for any designer! It is all about understanding that creativity is a mindset, a way of thinking and a proactive approach to finding new solutions. We may not all be artists but we can be more creative lawyers, doctors and businessmen.

By undertaking a pet project, you can focus on personal own goals relating to your professional development. You can target the areas you want to grow, go all in without any restrictions and leave your comfort zone behind. Honestly, we can’t speak about creative confidence enough! Leaving your comfort zone that has grown to be like your favourite tiger-print onesie (don’t like, we know you’ve got one!) behind, always leads to growth and sharpening of existing skills.

I can safely speak for all us make it pop guys when I say, this pet project for us has made us more confidence creatively and professionals. We’re ready to take on the world one box of cards at a time!

You Should Try This... Working on a Pet Project 3

Gimme those opportunities

It’s not only your creative confidence that could prove through a pet project but your experience skills too! How many time have you been told after a job interview that you were great but someone had just a touch more experience than you currently have? Infuriating right! Well, don’t wait for opportunities to come knocking, go out there and make them for yourself! Feel like you’re lacking in your photography skills? Go pick up a camera and get shooting.

Don’t understand how to code? Get yourself the tools and type like you’re creating the metric credits.

Do your drawings look like a spider has a doodle on a page? Pick up a pencil and practice, practice, practice!

Because we’re awesome here at make it pop, here is something to help all you experience seekers out! Skillshare is a quality website with a wealth of online classes to help you be gaining experience in so many fields we can’t even begin to list them all. You’re welcome. Now go check it out for yourself!

It’s so important, particularly as a young creative to gain experience outside your everyday working environment. You can only grow by seeing more of the world and the industry you’re in. Try new skills, work with new people and don’t be afraid to say yes! The greatest achievements can come from saying yes!

Undertaking new skills and developing yourself through a pet project may even just lead you to be eligible for a job you’d never have dreamed of! One of the greatest things about life is its unplanned nature. It’s zigs when you think it’s going to zag, then throws you a creative curveball that you roll on by with. Gaining experience through pet projects can make you more desirable to an employer or client as it shows you have initiative, that you can be driven by work that has no monetary gain and that you think outside of the boardroom environment. Now tell me all that doesn’t sound like some good ass benefits! Get working on your skills people!

You Should Try This... Working on a Pet Project 4

Hey new friends!

Working on a pet project, particularly with a small group of others, exposes you to new areas of expertise. You can pick someone else brain about their field, absorb their insider’s knowledge and learn which avenue you want to explore more. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the make it pop team we have collated is kick-ass! We have all learnt new skills from each other and grown as human beings by working in this new group dynamic.

If there is something we don’t know, you can guarantee someone else within our group will!

Pet projects also allow you to meet a whole range of people! The networking opportunities you gain can often be greater than the ones you’ve gained from your 9-5 career. By not being tied to an organisation, you are free to talk to anyone and everyone. Hell, if you wanna talk to that man you see every day on our commute, go ahead! Just don’t be an awkward hipster designer. Nobody outside of Starbucks wants to be friends with them.

You Should Try This... Working on a Pet Project 5

One man and his creativity

Working on a pet project solo is full of all it’s perks too! You can take the time to look at new things online and out there in the world. You’re seeking out new resources and more than likely crossing paths with other like-minded individuals. Creative friendships can be in real life or over the fantastic little thing that has changed all our lives, the world wide web.

Ivan is make it pop’s genius illustrator and if you’ve been following our social media activity, you’ll have seen his unreal work! He is also our distant collaborator, working for us all the way from his home country of Serbia. Shout out to our creative brother from another land, Ivan, you’ve been a godsend! If there’s once valuable experience we’ve gained throughout pet project or make it pop is to collaborate. Don’t limit yourself to your postcode. Look out into the world. Find your kindred spirits and get your creative groove on!

You Should Try This... Working on a Pet Project 6

You just never know

Everyone has had those drunken conversations about the business plan that is going to make them a million. But what about if you actually follow through with the business plan? Who’s to say you won’t make a million. That pet project you’ve been working on for months really could be a success. You’ll never know until you try though, will you!

make it pop has been a labour of love and a valuable pet project for all of us involved. It is now developing into something incredibly exciting and moving ahead further than we had originally managed. Through our hard work, we are so so so close to launching our Kickstarter and pushing this pet project out into the world, into the public domain and into the lives of all you lovely creatives! Keep a watch on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in the coming week for more about our Kickstarter, how you can get involved and all about the creative goodies you’ll be able to get your hands on. Be sure to dig deep and support some creative who dreamed hard enough to make their pet project an exciting reality!

You Should Try This... Working on a Pet Project 7


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