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What is creative confidence and why do you need it?

Creative confidence may sound like a modern day buzzword but its something you definitely need to try! When we think of creativity, we conjure up a particular person in mind. You know the one, that cool kid in the back with the hipster glasses who sculpts and paints like a modern day Picasso. So many of us equate “creative” with “artistic” but let us here at make it pop challenge those thoughts of yours!

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What is creative confidence?

In simple terms, creative confidence is about believing in your ability to create change in the world around you. It is knowing with certainty that you can achieve what you set out to do. David and Tom Kelley believe this self-assurance, this belief in your creative capacity, lies at the heart of innovation. It is understanding that creativity is a mindset, a way of thinking and a proactive approach to finding new solutions. We may not all be artists but we can be more creative lawyers, doctors and businessmen.

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So just do you know if someone has creative confidence? Well here’s a handy list!

  1. They remain stable despite the shifting winds of momentum
  2. They take a rigorous approach to their work
  3. It is crystal clear what they are trying to accomplish
  4. They admit when they don’t have the answer, but they can describe a clear plan how to get the answer

And I hear you all ask, how do I get this confidence! Well:

  1. Believe that confidence is something that can be acquired
  2. Go through the creative process again and again and again and… (you get the idea!)
  3. Improve your skills and constantly be learning
  4. Invest in your process; explore all the options and listen to people

Creative confidence isn’t something you can magic up, this isn’t a unicorn people! Give yourself time. Try out these steps one at a time in your work and you’ll find over time you’re suddenly creatively confident without faking it!

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Why do we need creative confidence?

Let’s be real for a second. Us millennials aren’t the most confident bunch of people! We may appear to be but often we’re just playing into imposter syndrome tendencies. You’ve got to work at it but having true creative confidence can have such a powerful effect. It strengthens your ability to work on your own, your ability to work with other designers and your ability to work with other disciplines.

Many times designers work solo (shout out to all those sitting alone at their desk right now!) Having creative confidence in this situation allows you to know when to stop, to call it a day redesigning and stop doubting your choices. It also makes you excited to share your designs and get vital input from those around you!

Working with others can leave you feeling inadequate. In truth there may well always be someone who it just slightly better than you. However, use a bit of that creative confidence and you’ll feel empowered by your fellow designers, not threatened! We can only truly learn through collaboration and communication so show them designs proudly and confidently! Creative confidence and why you need it 14

We let people divide the world into the creatives and the non-creatives, like its a simple black and white situation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a designer or CEO, always know that you can do what you set out to do, that you can reach a place of creative confidence and touch the snake

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If you need a little extra help, try out these creative challenges to develop your creative confidence.

Now back to work everyone and get that creative confidence flowing!

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