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Introducing Ivan!

BOOK – Hellboy
BAND – Frank Ocean

Hey buddy. How’s it going? Yeah, yeah whatever, I don’t care, I’ve got more important news for you.

We’ve got a new mippet.

Ivan is the first of the international mip team, hailing all the way from Serbia (not Siberia, @Plankton…), where he has perfected his craft. Joining us as our very own illustrator, he will be responsible for giving the make it pop clients some life and providing all you adoring fanatics with super sweet merch.

When he’s not drawing Abandoned slugs, mexican gangsters and Kaiju, Ivan is an avid couch potato, reading comics and movies with his canine sidekick Finn –

Introducing Ivan 4

Look at that adorable little bastard. Holy shit.

You’ll be soon seeing a lot of Ivan’s work across all of make it pop’s platforms – websites, blogs, social media…. And the soon to be released kickstarter!

With things starting to get hot and spicy at the mip HQ, we hope you’ll all enjoy Ivan’s work as much as we do, and we’re excited to start showing off all the awesome stuff we have in store for the release of the make it pop kickstarter!

Be sure to check out some of Ivans future posts in the make it pop blog.

Ivan’s Dribbble

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