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Why you should develop a playful empathetic attitude. Or, why P.E.A is okay…

P.D.A… of course, there’s nothing worse. You’re probably criminally single, walking home from a long day at the office in the rain. You’ve probably just dropped your iPhone in a puddle. Or worse. The perfect couple appear from nowhere, and start smooching on for just a bit too long. Gross.

Jealous cat feels no empathy

But– forget about it. You stay you, because THIS blog is all about P.E.A (that’s developing a Playful Empathetic Attitude) and why, in this game, it will be your best partner for life.

So, first things first. What EXACTLY does developing a playful, empathetic attitude allow you to do?

A playful, empathetic attitude allows you to express yourself. This can be creatively, articulately, and yes, even emotionally (urgh, feelings!?) Having an empathetic attitude toward your users– and I mean, REALLY taking their needs on board– will reflect in your product, and be the key to user satisfaction and your product’s success.

Deep in thought while being empathetic

For example, you might be faced with a bit of a tough crowd, you might want to win them over with your product without forcing them to love it– always remember that there is a difference between your wants, and user needs. A playful emphatic attitude is key here: it will help you understand those ‘hard to identify’ emotions in others, why should they care if you don’t, right? Learn about user needs, but rather than just doing what you want, use P.E.A to inspire your imagination to meet them in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways.

Fucking empathetic attitude

As well as allowing you to explore and implement your ideas in a more innovative way, P.E.A increases your social skills, your concentration, and your attention to detail, not to mention your co-operation with others.

Keeping up the P.E.A means keeping an open mind about future inspiration: you will look for everyday opportunities to model, ones that you might have dismissed before. Allowing your playful empathetic attitude to reflect in your design breaks old, monotonous routines and an unproductive relationship with users. So, don’t be ashamed to show some P.E.A.

Ralph peeing

tldr: Having a playfully empathetic attitude toward your users will reflect in your product, and be the key to user satisfaction and your product’s success.

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