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How to Convert Creative Tension into Inspiration 2

Using creative tension to catapult creative projects is never not a smart move. In projects where work is sluggish – or even the exact opposite – using the structure of the work process to boost your ability to work is nothing short of genius.

Despite this, the concept of creative tension is one that is not as popular in discussions surrounding work and how to work better as you’d expect. This appears partially due to confusion surrounding what creative tension is, and how it is best used. So to boost your inspiration game that little further, here’s the lowdown:

What is Creative Tension?

How to Convert Creative Tension into Inspiration 3

Before we get into it, it’s first worth addressing what exactly creative tension is. Put most simply, creative tension is the gap between your end goal or aspiration for a project, and the place it is currently in.

Although this varies naturally depending on the stage the project is in, it is universally useful in creating inspiration: both in a team, and when working solo.

In a Team

And we will relive the creative tension!

Creative tension does, however, work slightly differently in a team. Different team members often have different goals, which can complicate conventional methods of generating inspiration – as people can have wildly different ideas about the end product.

Where creative tension works most effectively in terms of facilitating inspiration for a team is in creating a unified force. Emphasising the end goal and current reality of a project reminds everyone of their immediate and long term goals –both helping them know their individual goals, and that of the team itself.

Keeping these team goals emphasised keeps everyone together, which serves to allow everyone to work far more cohesively – especially because any inspiration will be based on shared ideas of end goals.

Personal Creative Tension

While creative tension has some potent use in terms of teamwork, it has equally as much in generating personal inspiration.

While you shouldn’t spend your every waking moment agonising over where you are and where you aim to be, actualising your project into the best result you could dream of is sure to motivate you to create. In knowing what you want from the project, you immediately gain a sense of what you need to do – which is pretty much crystallised inspiration for a creative project.

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