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The make it pop design thinking manga is

A unique story-driven way to introduce
design thinking in all its awesomeness!

Learn the design thinking basics

Want a unique educational book to add to your collection

You like design thinking and manga

You are looking to learn more about design thinking

Learn the very basics of design thinking

Our flagship manga makes for a badass delve into design thinking, regardless of your level of experience. Our story follows a five-phase methodology, from user research through to product testing, and all sprinkled with pro-tip chocolate chips.

Read it by yourself or use it as a teaching resource

Design thinking is a method to try once, embrace slowly and then savour every. Single. Day. There’s no turning back, once you realise just how good it can be! So with this manga, you can use it as a teaching resource, read it at your pace or give it as a gift.

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Don’t worry… Our free chapter isn’t included in the make it pop manga - consider this chapter an aperitif to the main, delicious course. And what’s for dessert? Well.. ice cream, of course ;)

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1x Dot-Grid Sticky Notes

1x Pens

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Kickstart your wondrous design thinking journey with our awesome set. Comes with everything you need to sketch out some cool AF ideas. Did you know that our dot-grid sticky notes are totally awesome? We spent 6 months making sure that they were of the best possible quality.

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